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Did you know God does speak to individuals. Even if you don’t feel ‘squeaky clean’ and super righteous, He is constantly wanting to talk with you. In light of our seeking His will for our lives on this New Year’s Day, know that He gives individual messages to you.All you have to do is ask Him and Listen. We wanted to share the word he gave Jorge & Kat Vazquez, the Producers of The Revolution TV: ‘Resolve’. They wanted to share it bc we are definitely living in a world of blurred values and worldly influence. The word resolve means to decide firmly on a course of action. We weren’t promised an easy life esp when you ask Jesus to be your Savior. However you are made a new creation. So resolve must be a part of our character. Resolve ain’t for the faint of heart or ‘trenders’ but for the sons and daughters of The Most High. We are royalty, with a Call etched on our soul before the foundation of the world was set. We bring back The King. Resolve to do His will this year.

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  • Joey

    Is it just me or did I hear 3 different people on this show say… “you dont need religion”. “Jesus doesn’t need to be in a box”… and “we dont need to crucify people like the Catholics”… please tell me I some sort of hearing problem. Isn’t this on a Catholic network?

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