God Is Worthy Of All Praise

POSTED ON January 16th  - POSTED IN Blog

Some days it is hard to just get up in the morning. Other days I just jump out of bed ready for the day. I know like everyone else many times my mood and my circumstance are the filter that I view God through. Too often God seems too far away, for me to talk to Him. It seems I get into a rut, that if something is going bad I either do not seek Him first, or I run to Him and expect Him to change my circumstance like a genie. When times are good sometimes I praise God, but more often than I would like to admit I ignore the work He just did. Something that God is reminding me is to constantly seek Him. It doesn’t matter what the circumstances around me are; whether I perceive them as good or bad, exciting or scary, or a time of abundance or lack. GOD IS WORTHY OF ALL PRAISE! If It is only because He gave His Son for my sins. So God I pray for forgiveness when I do not seek You as You have called me to. In everything I am be my everything.


POSTED ON January 12th  - POSTED IN Blog

Did you know God does speak to individuals. Even if you don’t feel ‘squeaky clean’ and super righteous, He is constantly wanting to talk with you. In light of our seeking His will for our lives on this New Year’s Day, know that He gives individual messages to you.

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