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God Is Worthy Of All Praise

POSTED ON January 16th  - POSTED IN Blog

Some days it is hard to just get up in the morning. Other days I just jump out of bed ready for the day. I know like everyone else many times my mood and my circumstance are the filter that I view God through. Too often God seems too far away, for me to talk to Him. It seems I get into a rut, that if something is going bad I either do not seek Him first, or I run to Him and expect Him to change my circumstance like a genie. When times are good sometimes I praise God, but more often than I would like to admit I ignore the work He just did. Something that God is reminding me is to constantly seek Him. It doesn’t matter what the circumstances around me are; whether I perceive them as good or bad, exciting or scary, or a time of abundance or lack. GOD IS WORTHY OF ALL PRAISE! If It is only because He gave His Son for my sins. So God I pray for forgiveness when I do not seek You as You have called me to. In everything I am be my everything.

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